About Us


Welcome to our HOME!

LeRobs' mission is to create an environment that is peaceful, relaxing and provides the best services ensuring that our clients are treated with kindness , friendliness and always feel that, regardless of the type of service, they are a part of something special.  Come enjoy our lounge area and relax with a cup of hot tea or with the freshly made flavored water of the day.


Singles Massage Room

Come relax in our comfortable massage room made for one.  Experience the pleasure and relief as a professional licensed therapist works to relieve pain and soothes your body.


Did someone say Facial?

While we listed services based on time and price, our Estheticians will evaluate your skin and recommend the best personalized treatment for you.  Whether it's acne, dry skin, aging....they will take the time to listen and hear your concerns and create a program for you.